How Visions Africa positions Rwanda for outsourced accounting services and how you can use outsourced accountants effectively for your business

Visions Africa Ltd operates since 2020 and focuses on providing accounting & tax compliance services based out of Rwanda for mostly internationally operating companies. The business which has been founded by Roger Brugger has expanded its activities beyond Rwanda with a focus on the European market where it is providing accounting support for medium sized companies.

Currently our clients are based in Rwanda, Switzerland, UK, Mauritius and across East and West Africa.

Our foundation is built upon each team member valuing accuracy, integrity, expertise, and a willingness to learn & deliver high quality services. 

We truly believe that out clients’ success is our success. 

If you are looking to engage outsourced accounting services for your company, we have best practices for you to effectively using an outsourced accountant according to our experience with working with our clients:

  • Assess Business Needs and Goals:

Evaluate which accounting tasks can be outsourced while keeping critical functions in-house. Consider factors like business size, complexity, industry regulations, growth projections, budget, available resources, skills of the in-house finance team, and strategic objectives.

  • Choose a Reputable and Qualified Outsourced Accountant:

Thoroughly research and evaluate potential outsourced accountants based on credentials of the firm, certifications and training that the company provides, reputation, experience, industry expertise, availability, technology/software used, fees, and contract terms. Select an accountant who meets the business’s needs and standards.

  • Establish Clear Roles and Responsibilities:

Define the roles and responsibilities of both the in-house finance team and the outsourced accountant. Communicate expectations, specify the scope, frequency, format, and delivery method of accounting services (what are the benefits for your firm – what are the benefits of working with someone from overseas like cost savings, scalability of available resources in other countries?). Assign a point of contact for coordination and establish a system for performance monitoring, issue resolution, and dispute handling as communication is key.

  • Leverage Technology for Communication and Integration:

Utilize secure and efficient communication tools like cloud-based accounting software, online portals, video conferencing, email, chat, and phone. Ensure compatibility and integration between the business’s accounting systems and those of the outsourced accountant. Implement security measures to protect confidential data.

  • Regularly Review and Adjust:

Seek feedback from both the in-house finance team and the outsourced accountant to evaluate satisfaction, challenges, improvements, and suggestions. Measure the outcomes and benefits against predefined goals and metrics. Make necessary adjustments or modifications to the outsourcing strategy or relationship. This will help you to avoid early signs of frustration from either side – remember, communication is key in a successful outsourcing collaboration.


Additionally, for finding a reputable accounting outsourcing provider, consider these tips:

  • Look for providers that offer free and ongoing training for their staffs. Are they providing a secure job environment, benefits, which you might wish your staffs to as well receive (this will ensure that the outsourced accountant remains longer with the firm, and you don’t have to regularly retrain and re-establish the set-up).
  • Avoid hidden fees such as onboarding, training, or IT setup.
  • Prioritize providers with experience in your specific market and access to high-quality candidates. If they don’t have the experience, you will have to consider providing them with training for your local regulations and requirements (e.g. Tax compliance etc.).
  • Opt for suppliers who offer flexibility with no lock-in contracts for their services. At the same time consider that the outsourced accountant as well needs security to remain a long-term employee of the service provider.

To learn more about finding new accounting team members for your business, contact us via our contact form or write an email to to explore how you can add outsourced accountants to your finance team, enabling remote work while maintaining financial information which are managed with high quality.

How Visions Africa positions Rwanda for outsourced accounting services and how you can use outsourced accountants effectively for your business

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