How to verify supplier invoices (EBM receipts)


As per Rwanda Revenue Authority communicated on December 24th 2020 the required EBM usage in Rwanda will receive a much higher attention by the tax authorities up to the extent that a business expense might only be tax-deductible if a valid EBM receipt is available.

This post explains the steps to verify Each EBM receipt in order to ensure that a business can claim the input VAT on the purchase.

Steps to verify if the receipt is valid:

  1. Open link: 
  2. Enter Receipt signature in SDC data section (at the bottom), if the receipt is registered, the remaining data fields are automatically filled-in and it shows that it is valid with the green tick (PIC1).
  3. If the receipt is not valid it shows a red cross (PIC2). 

Possible reasons for invalid EBM receipts:

  1. Wrong receipt signature number entered/not-readable receipt signature
  2. Supplier uses EBMv1 system and doesn’t have airtime to synchronize with the RRA system
  3. Supplier has a technical issue with the EBM system and needs to unlock the system with RRA


  1. Get in touch with your supplier and communicate the issue
  2. Ensure the supplier corrects the issue as per indicated reasons above
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved get in touch via the RRA hotline 3004

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How to verify supplier invoices (EBM receipts)

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